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Been busy.

2012-07-23 08:33:17 by SL4Y3Rftw

I have not had much time in Flash as of late, and I just started University, I can see things getting a bit hectic in the next few months, so I am just going to have to wait till Madness Day 2012 (hopefully) to release a Madness toon, I'll keep it short 2~ minute range. It will be similar to Krinkel's Incidents', but not completely the same, I hope I get it done by September 22nd as there is a few things I want to try again with Madness animating. And hopefully I'll do 10x better then the last one.

Cya soon!


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2012-07-23 08:40:39

Can't wait

SL4Y3Rftw responds:

Don't hold your breath!


2012-07-23 12:20:41

me too.


2012-07-23 12:58:17

this sucks...well good luck in your busy schemes

SL4Y3Rftw responds:



2012-08-08 19:31:55

blah blah blah ok seeya

SL4Y3Rftw responds: