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2014-11-04 08:40:54 by SL4Y3Rftw

So yeah I thought I'd randomly just post on this retarded website, and don't mofo ask if im doing anything at the moment because I cannot be fucked, also WHY THE FUCK DID AUS START CELEBRATING A FUCKING YANK HOLIDAY!? fuck halloween.




2012-12-16 05:24:08 by SL4Y3Rftw

Well, its has been awhile since I have logged into Newgrounds, I have been busy (as it is that time of year already :0!), and also my main HDD had crashed (C: drive), it had all my main stuff, like Adobe and stuff, but don't worry I didnt loose any important files just the programs, I haven't had a chance as of yet to install Flash and such, but I will soon, I will resume my Animation probably the start of next year.

Sorry for the long wait.

Take care and have fun!

Oh god!

I though i'd celebrate with a super duper secret (not so much anymore!) screenshot!

It's that time of the year again!

Oh teh noes!

2012-10-08 04:53:09 by SL4Y3Rftw

I started Uni again, so progress is going to be a bit slow :(, anyway I hope to have it done no later then December, It will be short but longer then Inprisonation, Wish me luck!

I submitted this to Deviant-Art.

Oh teh noes!

Happy Madness Day!

2012-09-23 03:37:24 by SL4Y3Rftw

Some awesome submissions, must get around to voting on some stuff!

Here is a screen grab also,
PS. Its been awhile, I'm a bit rusty :3!

PPS. I got ze Twitter!

Happy Madness Day!


2012-09-19 08:40:34 by SL4Y3Rftw

So as of Tuesday morning I ended up in hospital and wont be out till Friday (Torchlight 2 YAY!!!!!), I have had no internet access or any time with a computer with Flash. I'm writing this shit on a fucking worthless MAC because its the only thing that I have access to, so I'll see about sketching up some backgrounds on paper for my toon and share something with you all in the next few days.

I'll get to full time work with this toon, and make use of all the steroids that are currently being pumped into me (puts Arnold voice on) IM GOEN TO PUMP SOEM IRON! while i'm at it to.

Cya all soon.
And Enjoy Madness Day!!!!!

Starting over......

2012-08-20 02:48:33 by SL4Y3Rftw

I have come to the conclusion that I am starting over from the start again, not overall happy with the start of this short, and I know I can do better, so back to work for me.

Been busy.

2012-07-23 08:33:17 by SL4Y3Rftw

I have not had much time in Flash as of late, and I just started University, I can see things getting a bit hectic in the next few months, so I am just going to have to wait till Madness Day 2012 (hopefully) to release a Madness toon, I'll keep it short 2~ minute range. It will be similar to Krinkel's Incidents', but not completely the same, I hope I get it done by September 22nd as there is a few things I want to try again with Madness animating. And hopefully I'll do 10x better then the last one.

Cya soon!


2012-05-17 19:23:54 by SL4Y3Rftw

Been awhile since I posted, but anyway!

I have been on and off with animation, I will make something, when will it come out? well who knows I only get to work on it very little every week. Don't expect anything soon.

(Pic unrelated).



2012-04-25 10:37:23 by SL4Y3Rftw

Diablo 3 beta was amazing! cant wait for May 15th!